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Evergreen Residential is committed to creating stable multifamily residential communities that thousands of families are happy to call home. Our mission is to foster quality in all aspects of our business—quality properties, quality services for our residents, and the quality service team to make it all happen.

By acquiring a majority of its properties from financial institutions and private owners using commercial bank financing, permanent tax-exempt bonds, and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Evergreen is able to preserve existing buildings as affordable housing for those who find themselves adversely affected by today’s economic challenges. These investments have stimulated the improvement of surrounding properties and helped stabilize neighborhoods in many of the communities in which we are located.

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For 25 years, investors have chosen Evergreen for our experience and expertise. They come back to us because we are a trusted partner who cares about the results we deliver.

Our Vision: Achieving Industry Leadership Through Innovative Solutions, Longstanding Relationships, and Proven Results.

At Evergreen, social good and the broader impact our investments have on the communities in which we do business are essential to us. We must help all stakeholders realize the full potential of properties, many of which catalyze future investment in their respective neighborhoods. To this end, Evergreen donates 10 percent of its profits to support services in underserved communities.